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Bringing new life to our to our townships

We are delighted to share that our efforts to enrich the biodiversity, sustainability and liveability of our townships and developments has already yielded promising results.

Our sustainable initiatives are focused on three core pillars:

Research & Development


Research & Development

We benchmark the health of flora and fauna in and around our communities with biodiversity audits, while building vibrant ecosystems by planting #OneMillionTrees by 2023. Along the way, we work with our recognized industry partners to guide our sustainability efforts.

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One Million Trees and Saplings by 2023

At the crossroads of sustainability and suitability, we know that nature-based solutions such as tree planting are the most effective and efficient way to address climate change concerns. That is why we have set a target to plant #OneMillionTrees across Gamuda Land townships and communities by 2023.

Our Action Plan:



The Miyawaki method aims to create dense urban forests from degraded soils within a short span of time of about 20-30 years, aligned with Goal 3 of the National Policy on BiologicalDiversity 2016 – 2025.


Tree Planting (ATP)

Using ATP methods, we grow trees to maturity then plant them in our townships and developments. In this way, we maximise seedling viability and minimise logistics costs, while delivering mature trees to enhance the liveability of our townships.



We execute tree tagging through identification and monitoring of trees across Gamuda Land townships by forming a bird eye view system and digitalizing the database in a sustainable manner which provides information about trees to the public to encompassing outdoor education.

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Biodiversity Enrichment

We remain vigilant in how we care for the living environments. Towards this end, we conduct biodiversity audits every year to benchmark the variety of species in our landscapes and parks. In this way, we promote the ongoing creation and implementation of ideas to enhance the maintenance of the greens across our townships and high-rise developments.

Our Action Plan:



Since 2018, we have done seven (7) biodiversity assessments for our townships in Malaysia and Vietnam.  The conservation and preservation works are guided by the our Biodiversity Policy which is aligned with the National Biodiversity Policy and supports the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).​



We practice “Legacy Planting” by re-introducing more than 14 endemic tree species of conservation importance which include Hopea subalata (Merawan Kanching) that has been categories as Critically Endangered by IUCN Red List which they only can be found at Kanching Forest.

Native Species


In every Gamuda Land developments, we will ensure at least 50% of the species of trees introduced for each development are native species.


“We fundamentally believe we are custodians of the land. We believe we’re going to leave the land in a better shape than we received it.”

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