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Bringing new life to our to our townships

We are delighted to share that our efforts to enrich the biodiversity, sustainability and liveability of our townships and developments has already yielded promising results.

Our sustainable initiatives are focused on three core pillars:

Social Management Plan


Social Management Plan

We share our love of nature with our communities and partners. That is why we initiated the GParks Rangers and GParks Youth programme under the GParks Academy. In this way, we strive to foster greener lifestyles by reaching out to 5,000 Malaysians, while nurturing 10,000 GParks Rangers and Youth to instill environmental awareness and appreciation in the next generation.


GParks Rangers Program

We have introduced a number of programmes to court public support and awareness. Abiding by the popular adage, “You are never too young to learn, never too old to change”, we have enlisted children to actively promote good environmental practices. Known as GParks Rangers, these young ambassadors will enjoy exclusive privileges and access to our nature programs and workshops.

Our achievements to date:

more than


Rangers registered

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more than



more than



Workshops Run


Environmental Awareness Program

It is a social learning theory that mentoring and sustainable practice, by external expert to Gamuda Land internal staff and public which can contribute to pro-environmental action by offering an array of possibilities to engender pro environmental behaviour.

Our Action Plan:

Orang Asli Engagement Program

In line with our inclusive development approach, we have engaged Orang Asli communities to enrich our sustainability initiatives.

Our Action Plan:

Upskilling Project:

Sewing Reusable Fabric Mask

During the pandemic we have funded this project and working together with our partner, Asli Co who managed to trained 5 ladies and  purchased 2 sewing machines as well as materials for them to make the fabric masks. By the end of the funding period, the ladies are self-sufficient income earners. ​

Wild Tree
Seed Bank

Through our funding, our NGO partner Binturong Alam Ventures was able to prepare more than 1,000 seedlings consisting of native forest tree species which provided sustainable income for the villagers simultaneously. This project also supports our #onemilliontrees movement.

Farm to


We integrated bio-swales at most of our parks as to collect rainwater, detain run-off, filter pollutants and allow for ground water infiltration. A shallow depression planted with deep-rooted native plants and grass.

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